Printed Heaters

On Complex Geometries: 2" OD Tube Heater

On Complex Geometries 2” OD Tube Heater

Pattern Flexibility

Pattern Flexibility

On Flexible Subtrates

On Flexible Substrates

Ceramic Overcoat

Ceramic Overcoat

Stand Alone Heaters

Stand Alone Heaters

MesoScribe Printed Heaters

  • Print Heaters Directly on Your Parts
  • High Heat Flux Capable (>500W/cm)
  • Compatible with Most Substrates
  • Eliminate Adhesives
  • Reduce Installation Costs


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Micro Heaters

Square mm Area
1 to 50 OHMS

Standard Heaters

Square inch Area
2 to 500 OHMS

Large Area Heaters

Square Feet Area
10 to 1000+ OHMS

Parts of a Printed Heater

MesoScribe Printed Heater Advantages

  • Heaters Printed Directly on Your Parts
    • No adhesive required
      • High temperature capability (typically to 500C)
      • Reduce or eliminate installation costs
      • Increase system reliability
    • Can be applied to complex 3-D Geometries
    • Almost unlimited heater patterning capability
  • High Heat Flux Capable
    • Up to 500W/cm^2 for many heaters
    • Demonstrated to >1000W/cm2
  • Compatible with Most Substrates
    • Almost all Metals
      • Stainless, Aluminum, Copper, …
    • Many Polymers
      • Kapton, LCP, PEEK, Tedlar, …
    • Ceramics, Composites, Paints, and more.
  • Robust & Durable
    • Erosion resistant and damage tolerant
    • Thermal shock resistant
      • -200C to +200C on Many Substrates

Typical Applications

  • Industrial Process Equipment
  • Medical Applications
  • Test Equipment
  • Simulation & Experimentation
  • Aerospace Applications
    • Deicing
    • Satellite Heating
    • Launch Vehicles