Markets Served


MesoScribe Technologies manufactures printed instrumentation for use on a production aircraft. The technology is at a TRL-9 and is an FAA approved manufacturing process. MesoPlasma™ Direct Write technology enables distributed sensing, damage detection, lightning strike protection, communication antennas, ISR, wiring, heating & deicing solutions for large and small air vehicles.

Power Generation

Sensors are printed onto customer-supplied assemblies and gas turbine engine components to support engine testing, diagnostics, and component health monitoring. Temperature sensors can be applied to both superalloy and CMC materials. Heat flux sensors can be provided as stand-alone products and printed directly onto the part.


High watt density heaters are applied to both large and small satellite components. Heaters can be applied to complex geometries and provide up to 500W/cm2 (demonstrated to >1000W/cm2). MesoPlasma™ printed heaters have high temperature capabilities, reduces installation costs, and increase satellite system reliability.

US Department of Defense

MesoScribe Technologies supports the US Department of Defense by working with Government Laboratories, Prime Contractors and Subcontractors to develop innovative solutions to challenging problems. MesoPlasma™ printing technology is used to provide robust sensors, antennas, and heaters onto military assets.