Integrated Wiring

Integrated Wiring

  • Printed copper traces and networks can replace conventional wiring techniques
  • MesoPlasma™ copper conductors exhibit high conductivity with exceptional strain tolerance and durability for demanding applications
  • Direct Write traces can range in width from 0.012” to 0.160” and in thickness from 0.001” to > 0.050” depending on materials to enable a range of ampacity

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Benefits Include

  • Resistivity as low as 2x-3x bulk copper
  • Can survive millions of compression fatigue cycles without changes in resistance
  • Automated, integrated signal routing reduces manual installation costs
  • Traces can be embedded, insulated, and shielded with deposited dielectrics
  • Can be printed onto plastic, polymer films, ceramic, fiberglass composite, and conductive metal surfaces
  • Embedded networks in fiberglass composites provides new opportunities for multifunctional composite manufacturing

Standard Copper Trace Widths

Intergrated Wiring Standard Copper Trace Widths
  • Traces can be printed onto flat and conformal surfaces over range of width and thickness (standard widths shown)
  • Geometry (width and thickness) can be customized to meet application requirements
  • Electrically conductive parts require suitable dielectric coating for insulation