Integrated Conformal Antennas

MesoPlasma™ Printed Electronics Proven Performance for Demanding Applications

mesoscribe conformal antenna

High quality antennas are printed directly onto air vehicles and other military assets. Structural integration improves aerodynamic efficiency and reduces susceptibility to damage as compared with conventional blade/pod approaches.

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are benefitting from MesoScribe’s printed antennas. The process versatility enables high performance UHF, VHF, and microwave antennas (including GPS) to be printed virtually anywhere on the aircraft structure.

MesoPlasma™ printing offers structural integration of RF patterns for communication, detection finding, and other SIGINT capabilities.

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Benefits Include

  • Low-profile, comformal patterns for aerodynamic efficiency
  • Compatibility with most surfaces including fiberglass, Astroquartz®, PEEK
  • Can be painted and concealed
  • No adhesives applied directly to the structure or surfacing film
  • Available in a wide selection of materials including copper & alloys
  • Compatible with standard connections

Capabilities Include

  • Pattern fabrication onto polymer, fiberglass, and metallic parts
  • Complex fill patterns with 0.010" feature sizes
  • Patch, dipole, spiral, helix, tapered slot, fractal, FSS patterns, & more
  • Large area, conformal ground planes
  • Customized feed networks and impedance matching
  • Ability to print onto large structures (e.g.) wing leading edges
  • Roll-to-Roll printing option onto surfacing films - no length limitation

Our printed antennas have been successfully chamber tested and flight tested.