Printed Heaters

Heated Printers

MesoScribe Printed Heaters

  • Print Heaters Directly on Your Parts
  • High Heat Flux Capable (>500W/cm)
  • Compatible with Most Substrates
  • Eliminate Adhesives
  • Reduce Installation Costs


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Micro Heaters

Square mm Area
1 to 50 OHMS


Standard Heaters

Square Inch Area
2 to 500 OHMS


Large Area Heaters

Square Feet Area
10 to 1000+ OHMS


Parts of a Printed Heater


MesoScribe Printed Heater Advantages

  • Heaters Printed Directly on Your Parts
    • No adhesive required
      • High temperature capability (typically to 500C)
      • Reduce or eliminate installation costs
      • Increase system reliability
    • Can be applied to complex 3-D Geometries
    • Almost unlimited heater patterning capability
  • High Heat Flux Capable
    • Up to 500W/cm^2 for many heaters
    • Demonstrated to >1000W/cm2
  • Compatible with Most Substrates
    • Almost all Metals
      • Stainless, Aluminum, Copper, …
    • Many Polymers
      • Kapton, LCP, PEEK, Tedlar, …
    • Ceramics, Composites, Paints, and more.
  • Robust & Durable
    • Erosion resistant and damage tolerant
    • Thermal shock resistant
      • -200C to +200C on Many Substrates

Typical Applications

  • Industrial Process Equipment
  • Medical Applications
  • Test Equipment
  • Simulation & Experimentation
  • Aerospace Applications
    • Deicing
    • Satellite Heating
    • Launch Vehicles